Mirsk Digital ApS

Mirsk Digital ApS

Brooklyn, New York USA (HQ)

MIRSK has built a close and professional collaboration with Microsoft. MIRSK’s dictation solutions are based on standard Microsoft technology with .NET as a development platform and the SQL Server as the database platform.

MIRSK has made a mission to make workflows easier for businesses and employees, who need to record, save and share spoken information and convert their dictations into high quality documents. In recent years, MIRSK has been focusing on the market for speech recognition in the health care and municipals, and cloud-based solutions that provide 100 % flexibility and mobility. We are the experts in speech technologies and cloud computing, and our solutions will give a better workflow and savings for companies and organizations that are using MIRSK’s speech technologies.

MIRSK offers the following solutions:

• MIRSK Suite™ – locally based, digital dictation software that consists of two applications – MIRSK Dictation™ and MIRSK Transcription™. This solution is used daily by over 30,000 users.

• MIRSK Cloud™ – innovative web-platform, for your dictation and transcription needs. It is a part of MIRSK mobile dictation systems. MIRSK Cloud™ offers you unlimited storage, and completely secure environment to upload your dictations.

• MIRSK Dictation+™ – mobile application that records and transfers all your dictations to your personal MIRSK Cloud™ inbox. Record anytime and anywhere.

MIRSK proudly takes part in Microsoft’s CityNext initiative which focuses on helping cities leverage a new era of technology innovation. We bring our expertise of language and digital dictation technologies across the cities, who are looking to significantly improve the workflows in public and private sectors.

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