MS Dynamics and the Bradshaw Group

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Bradshaw LogoThe Bradshaw Group supplies offices with printers and the items to service them all over America. They have used an ERP system for some time but they really had things pick up when they switched over to Microsoft Dynamics. Everything from communication to transport has been improved through this. So today we are going to go over what is going on with their company and how things are improving to this day.

The Bradshaw Group used an in-house system previously. While it was customized for their needs it could not keep up with demand from people. It just was not efficient enough and was bogging them down. This is something that we see a lot in the industry as companies outgrow what they were previously using.

The documentation was a big plus for them when they chose Microsoft Dynamics. They used the online materials provided by the company to train everyone at limited cost. They could train both their own people and those working with them. Even their engineers could find extra information without having to pay an outside company to help them with their projects. It saved them quite a bit of money.

Another important reason why they chose this was scalability. Whenever they need more they can get additions at a reduced cost. This is what is called a “Business Ready Enhancement Plan” that is an important piece for some companies. Member management software is one of the many things they can add on.

They use Microsoft Dynamics NAV because it allows them to ship efficiently. The product really is made for things like that anyway and they update it whenever something new and useful comes out for the system. They have managed to get all their databases working together so that the information can flow perfectly from one area to another.

Today the Bradshaw Group is expanding all over the world. Scalability is vital here because they want to begin delivering products everywhere. While it will be a slow process they could someday see a global reach with their business if they decide to keep improving their systems.

Microsoft Dynamics also helped them better track all their production and delivery. They could understand which clients it was going to better and it also improved their sales team. In this industry selling your distribution is as important as creating the products themselves. You need the whole package to work together if you want everything to succeed.

They also deal with larger deliveries which makes the process of NAV even more important. If they mess up a shipment or have it damaged on the way there it could cost hundreds of dollars to fix or replace depending on the model. The largest models could even be worth thousands to the right buyer which would cause a real problem if anything went wrong.

So what can your company learn from this? Efficiency, accuracy and scalability are all vitally important when working with big money products like this. Do you sell something similar? If so the same principles apply here as they would to your own business.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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