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NAV ACE PresentationMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is centered on one thing, Agile Customer Engagement (ACE) and other programs in this family use it as well. It’s a key value that has been used for many years in order to grow the business and create a framework for how customer interaction works within this. There have been many different business philosophies over the years but this is the one you want to learn about in the modern era. It’s not the whole story but it gives a great framework.

Membership management software use is a big part of this as well. Finding better ways to process huge amounts of data on customers is always central to any big organization. This can be difficult when you have thousands or even millions of customers. In many ways this program is a path to the ultimate ERP solution. One that can respond to any number of customers no matter how complicated their problems might be.

ACE is important for partners and other users across the industry because they help develop it as well. Those at the core of the program have real, solid input on the entire setup of this. Everyone has a chance to add their own feedback to the program and learn from others. It’s a collaborative process where everything evolves over time with the help of great companies which use MSD NAV. This is a big part of many business theories today.

ACE also gives program users additional options beyond those that normally come with NAV. For example there are native workflow engines, document management processes, and e-services. All of these insure that those in the program have an even higher level of service for their customers. For so many reasons this initiative is very useful for those involved with it who both benefit and shape the future of this software.

Everyone has their own take on this as well. While we don’t agree with everything other authors are saying they do make some decent points. Not everyone can keep up with this process which is correct. Some businesses just cannot handle the pace of development this goes at. So if that does not work for you then you should look elsewhere.

Another aspect is that you need excellent security. Much of this work is done under a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA. Those involved in the program are expected to keep the secrets of this under lock and key. Anyone who breaks these rules could be in serious trouble. It would be a civil matter but could cost a business huge amounts of money. Regular releases come as well.

Collaboration between the various business schools is vital here too. Previously they used a program known as TAP to organize all of this and make sure everyone was getting incredible service. They will combine this program with that one in order to create an even more impressive example. If they are successful then NAV may become the leading member of the MSD family and the top choice for everyone in big business.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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