MSD and the US UNICEF Fund

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UNICEF LogoUNICEF is a very famous charity that has been around for quite a few years. In many ways they are the best example of the monolithic and powerful charities that we see so much today. With the massive growth and locations all over the world they needed a bigger and better solution for their people as well. Microsoft Dynamics was their first choice in many countries including the United States.

For those unfamiliar with the United Nations Children’s Fund they seek to bring a higher quality of life to children all over the world. Therefore they establish funds in their member nations to get the funds flowing to impoverished communities.

Integration with their other systems was a huge reason they chose Microsoft Dynamics for their system. It works well with outlook and their server technologies. They also have a lot of members who are not familiar with the application so they needed something that was easy to learn.

Other ways in which this has improved the setup is running the charity as a business. They have a lot of programs for marketing and “customer” or donor service. Competition in charity has become vicious in some areas and this one is no different. You have to run it as a business in order to insure everything goes well.

Of course North America is not the only place they have a branch. They use Microsoft Dynamics GP in other parts of their charity as well where they need to move huge amounts of product over a short time. The sheer number of choices they have in implementing this family of products is absolutely massive as well. If you have a similar business then you may want to look at the same sort of thing for all of your branches.

As we talk about in another section of the site they also benefit from pricing for non-profit organizations. Even the companies that produce hardware and accounting software for nonprofits want to promote the spread of organizations such as this. It is the era of charity popularity and it is on a boom that few other businesses can expect to ever see. This saved them a huge amount of money all the way through the process as well.

All of this has of course led to more growth for the giant organization. One day we could see a fund in nearly every country in the world.

If you run a nonprofit this is also a sign to you that you may need a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics. Gone are the days when you could be the only charity in town and coast on the funding of people. Now you have to give people a reason to give you their money beyond the simple good will. This is also true now that businesses see charity as a promotional vehicle. It certainly is for many businesses so you must keep that in mind. If they do not want to give to you then you are far from the only game in town.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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