MSD Efficiency and Virginia

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Virginia is a state with an incredible amount of history. However as with so many different government agencies they were working with old and inefficient systems which were really bothering people all around. As such they needed a solution and Microsoft Dynamics eventually provided that for them after they had looked around for a bit. Now they are steadily improving their efficiency over time and really improving the overall setup of the entire area. Everyone benefits when a government is more efficient.

One major reason that they were having so much trouble was that many of their systems were running spate from one another and could not efficiently share information. This is a common problem in many parts of the world because before we had the technology to connect them everything had to run on a separate system. Fortunately we not long have to do that due to major advances in programming which we have seen in recent years.

Nonprofit accounting software is one way to think of government systems. After all the goal is not to get rich but to keep an area running. In theory at least, although it doesn’t work out that way all the time. However that is a topic for another blog since we’re talking about Microsoft Dynamics and not politics here. As such they are supposed to get as much money as they can for the people who they are meant to serve.

Change came quickly in the form of a political mandate telling state employees that they were required to find a way to make all of their processes more efficient. This was likely a relief to them as they had been using some poor systems for quite some time before they ended up switching to the much more productive MSD framework.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the obvious choice for them. It is centered on serving individual clients, which is great for state members, and had the power they needed to share all the information in real time. They could also quickly connect multiple offices including the Governor and Secretary of the Commonwealth. Now everyone could finally see accurate statistics in order to make informed decisions about where Virginia was going next.

Today they have multiple applications which not only allow everyone involved with management to better work together but they can also get input from the people they serve on new levels which helps them know where to direct their attention. While not everything is perfect Virginia is much closer to that goal than they ever were before.

Government spending was also cut down by the switch to Microsoft Dynamics. When efficiency goes up the spending often goes down. While there are other areas to cut down on it is just one step in the right direction that any agency dearly needs in order to keep the taxpayers happy. They can continue to make progress with their proper management of the system. You may also benefit from this if you make a similar switch.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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