MSD and HP Form Groundbreaking Team

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Microsoft HP Combined LogosBy far the biggest news related to Microsoft recently is the fact that they are teaming up with Hewlett-Packard for a very interesting new project. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest events we have seen in many years from the companies. They’ve also released a decent amount of information as well. It’s a massive undertaking and a big risk for both of the companies involved. Due to this even those not normally interested in this sector are taking notice. It’s all or nothing here.

They’ll be focusing on a new sort of solution known as Business Process as-a-Service. Basically it refers to a way in which businesses can manage every part of their service in the digital world. It also includes mobile and social applications for business owners to use. They’ll also be focusing on automotive, public sector and financial options in this area as well. A lot of the information on that is vague but it gives us a general overview. The merger makes sense instead of a takeover due to the sized of HP.

The news is making big headlines across the industry as well. Other ERP companies are looking into the project and preparing. Either their jobs will become much easier or much harder depending on how successful all of this turns out to be in the long run. On that note let’s talk about the specifics we have been given on this so far:

Case Management is a sophisticated program which allows users to manage any sort of business process possible. For example permit management, grant management and law enforcement would all be massive parts of this setting as well. Users would be able to switch between these on the fly.

Social Benefits Administration would allow government workers to track every aspect of a client and determine their eligibility for benefits. It would also allow them to root out those who are abusing the system currently.

Citizen Services allow portals and call centers to give the best information to those in a city. This will help administrators with their work load immensely. Computers will be able to handle a large amount of the work.

Banking Transformation/Loan Process Transformation allows those with loans to manage all the financial data efficiently in real time. This can solve a lot of problems with payment and other normal barriers to service delivery that are so common today.

Automotive After sales Customer Experience Management works in this very specific area to make sure that buyers truly love their cars. It can also help them manage a lot of interesting marketing data which you can gather from all of this. After all by helping people with their purchase you can gather much more information than you ever thought possible.

Membership management software is a major focus for their new setup as well. It’s all about managing the individual citizens and helping them work through their problems. That’s what government does at its best. The partnership should turn out a new product which can manage all of these in a powerful ways across multiple industries. It should be amazing.


Author: Walter McDaniel