MSD Improves American Agriculture

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American Flag AgricultureNo one company in the agricultural industry is using this software family. However many of them are using it across 15 different states and possibly even more. The one we’ll be focusing on today however is AgFirst Farm Credit Bank which helps farmers get their businesses started. They also help insure that the stronger farmers can continue growing as well.

For many years the company had used other solutions in order to manage their customer information. As we’ve seen so many times before, they had outgrown their previous solutions. This is by far the most common case for many companies. After doing a bit of research they decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best choice for managing and securing the massive amounts of customer information which they handle constantly.

According to recent statistics up to 80K customers benefit from AgFirst’s use of this across the industry. Their data is managed on the fly and secured perfectly in order to keep everything running smoothly. It’s good to stop and think about how much information that actually is. Each customer likely has 100+ pieces of information to manage from stock amounts to sales. It’s that times 80K. Even if you just count loans from companies it’s a huge amount of information to take stock of.

On the note of security it’s important to realize that there are threats in this area. Terrorist organizations, for one, could use agricultural data to bring parts of the United States economy to a grinding halt. It’s a strange thing to think about but an actual risk today in the current global situation. Other companies could also put their data to good use as well, if it is not secured.

The government itself is also using this program as well in order to help farmers. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Risk management Agency uses it. They help large companies organize their risk factors when starting out on any project and greatly increase their efficiency while saving them money as well. With such huge clients the data management of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is incredibly important. Membership apps can also help them manage all this.

Fundraising management software can also be a big issue for some of these companies. Fortunately the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM system handles that easily. Government grants and private funding are sometimes a part of this and it’s very easy to manage every single aspect of this without any sort of trouble when you have a powerful system managing it all.

Most applications are in accounting but delivery is another area we’ll go over in the future. Due to the flexible nature of MSD CRM it can do just about everything.

With a growing population agriculture may become a booming industry in the coming years if tariffs are lifted in certain parts of the world such as China. As such this aspect of the American economy is vitally important to the future of the country as a whole. Data management is essential in managing the additional demand and production needed in order to keep it working efficiently.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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