MSD Parature Release Adds Suite of Options

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Parature SloganParature provides a suite of new options for existing companies across any company. Their addition has been so significant that it made news across MSD channels. This is an add-on that you can get over the Microsoft Online Services installation. Of course this is far from the only such addition being put into the program so what makes this one stand out? We’ll be discussing that with you today so you can weigh it against others you have been looking at.

Companies that sell additional aspects to MSD are quite common today. No matter what you are looking for there is some custom setting for the family which will handle it. You should take note that you will likely pay a bit extra for this but that is often worth it in the long run. This is probably worth it to you if you do not have your own in-house IT team handling all the customizations which you could possibly need over the years.

We’ll be going over what the Parature program stands out in first. They have what they are calling an “above the service que” approach to their setup. This allows them to deal with customers outside and inside of the system in many different ways. They can track customers better and respond to their service needs as well.

Multiple-language solutions are another reason to look at add-ons. For multinational companies this can be absolutely invaluable. It allows you to use it in offices around the globe while not having to worry about the barriers which obviously come up when you are offshoring any business. The best ones have 10 or more different languages which can be set up quickly for you so that you can continue with the work that really matters.

Suite functions themselves include around 30 different options which help you track customer concerns and respond to them instantly. Everything from budget management to basic customer service is included in this extremely powerful package.

What you may not know is that Microsoft bought Parature itself so therefore it’s a central part of their sales strategy. They have to insure that this program is up to standards or it reflects badly on them and will not bring in the funds that they expected. At the same time some analysts wonder whether this will one day become part of the core functionality of the MSD family as well, like so many other programs have become.

Those using fundraising software will probably also want to try some of these. Customers pretty much equal donators in this area. After all they expect certain things from you after the donation and are pretty much what determines whether you continue working or have to close everything up. As always you need to treat this like a normal business to some degree.

As always you do not have to buy this but it can save you a lot of time and coding work for some of your employees. Look at the options yourself and decide as always.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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