MSD and Scope Global

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Scope Global LogoScope Global manages projects all over the world with the top quality in management systems. Delivering all of this can be a real problem without the proper technology. Fortunately they quickly realized what they needed and chose a solution that fit. Working with clients directly in order to greatly improve the management process is just one of the many aspects which they improve. A personal touch within each country is quite valuable to them.

While a consulting business at heart their work is a bit different. They work to improve government organizations first and help them meet the guidelines set by other agencies. While they have a lot of different business ventures this is their chief one. Therefore they operate both as a public and private business, with ventures related to profit and nonprofit settings as well. As such it amounts to a lot of work, which needs to be managed by a powerful system.

At first they used Microsoft Dynamics SL in order to manage all of this. It worked for quite some time but as with pretty much every organization we talk about here, they eventually grew out of it. MSD AX became their new choice for all of this. Since that is one of the most complex and powerful versions of the program it makes sense they would go with that.

Nonprofit accounting software is just one of the many aspects of business they can help people plan. Governmental agencies are nonprofits at base so it applies here on many different levels. Planning how much money needs to come in and many of the ways to get it are just two of the ways in which they help with project management. The organizations will of course need to come to them with the base funding but they’re there to help after that.

With the new system managers could now better track their performance and those of their subordinates. In business tracking and improving performance is what really matters, especially at this level. While before they could not track this as efficiently now they have real-time stats on all of these which allows them to really improve everything.

Scope global continues to expand in more areas of the globe as well. So the framework should prove quite useful for them for many years to come. No matter where they go they will be able to quickly and easily expand the information network across all of their branches no matter where it needs to be. Multiple language support also helps them change all of this as well.

Another interesting part of their business is that they also work with volunteers who help them with all of these operations. It allows them to cut costs and also create an incredibly powerful team for managing all of their huge projects. Hundreds of volunteers are part of their organization which helps governments improve their local areas no matter where they are. There is no telling where this organization will be going in the next few years.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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