MSDNetSuite Rivalry Heats Up as GM Leaves

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Fred Studer at EventCRM experts are talking and some people are believed to be fuming as NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics management are taking stock of the departure of the MSD GM to NetSuite. Fred Studer was formerly the GM of Microsoft Dynamics and is lined up as NetSuite CMO for upcoming years. David Downing left the company in 2013 so they had been looking around for a good fit for the company for a while. It seems that headhunting has let them acquire a new head figure.

So what is Studer doing? He will be handling marketing for the company. Since he was already the face of many marketing efforts in the previous company this is not as all surprising. He honed his skills promoting the product in an unsure market and built up the brand over time. Some wonder if the recent layoffs had anything to do with this change but we cannot confirm any such rumors.

According to market experts such as Paul Greenberg this may be the missing piece of the puzzle which could proper NetSuite up to the forefront of CRM. They could theoretically become an absolutely amazing company with this addition. However only time will tell. Microsoft Dynamics can always use/handle more competition.

For most the news comes as a shock since he left one company for a major rival. As for his motivations we can only guess at the moment. There was no massive controversy around him when he left and we have mostly been kept in the dark as to why all these changes have come around so very quickly. For the moment we will just have to keep guessing until we get new answers from the only people who know.

Headhunting between businesses such as these is extremely common and also important. If you can undermine a major rival then you have a significant advantage over them. At the same time it makes you a target if you previously did not have any problems with them. So it’s a real give/take sort of competition that all of the largest companies play. You even see this in other industries as well.

So how will Microsoft respond? Only time will tell with that but we can rest assured that this has put NetSuite on their map of competitors. After their entry to the market this appears to be an opening salvo aimed directly at the MSD family. Any number of things could happen from aggressive marketing to a new promotion which aims to convert customers away from NetSuite. Of course their final plan is something only the management would know.

Accounting software for non profit organizations is another area where the competition is heating up as well. Salesforce, NetSuite and many others all want a slice of this pie. Marketing is key to getting these customers, as with any other sort of sales.

This competition has been heating up with previous authorities who had aggressive marketing against all their competitors. As you might expect Microsoft and others responded in kind, leading to the extremely active marketing we have today.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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