On the Business Analyzer Overhaul

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Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer PictureWe have talked about the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer a bit with you before. However recently the company has announced they will be focusing on this with a variety of new options. Some of them we knew were coming and others are rather interesting to find out. So we are going to go over the big picture for you so that you can understand just what is happening. Changes certainly are coming in the long run.

Perhaps the largest news is that the Business Analyzer is specifically being targeted for mobile devices. The idea is that you will be able to access it on any Windows 8 device. It’s clear why they are doing this because they have been pushing this market for what is going on years now. With the huge profits from tablets stacking up they are going to be pushing it harder than ever. We knew they were going to do this but now it is official.

This comes with an additional promise that it will be available across multiple platforms. Perhaps the only significant shortcoming of Microsoft Dynamics was that it didn’t always have a recent edition made for every single sort of device. It appears they are taking quite a few steps to negate this. They want native versions in every area they can get them in.

That will be a hard thing to do because the amount of coding and translation needed is significant. However it is something the company will need to do in order to grab a larger amount of market share than ever before. Even the biggest companies in the world need to continue growing or they can face some real problems. Part of this is that Excel content is going to be bundled with the Business Analyzer on full release. This is something that people in the business have wanted for years.

This also comes with a slew of other new apps for Microsoft Dynamics which can track a huge number of items. Expenses, timesheets and approval systems are all part of the new setting. They want all of these to be cross-platform at some point. That is also a huge amount of work but it could have some amazing results when it is finished. Never before have had so many powerful programs had options between them. Nonprofit accounting software features will also be expanded here.

The final area in which this setup is clearly going is to have a family of programs that can share data perfectly. Indeed the final idea is to have every MS program communicate with every other one. If they could do that than they would truly have the greatest suite for business in the world. No one would even come close when it came down to competition. They would dominate in every way. Such a massively powerful installation requires an equal amount of work so this is probably far off in the future. It could be 20 or more years before they finally finish setting something like this up in a form for everyone.



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