On the Full Release of Social Engagement Tools

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Microsoft Dynamics Social Engagement Tool ExampleSocial Engagement Tools for Microsoft Dynamics are out now. It’s also being called Microsoft Social Engagement or MSE. It’s a leap forward in usability and makes things easier than ever for those in business. You can also see more data than ever before in the Social Arena. In modern business unless you are paying careful attention to those factors you will end up failing sooner or later. Social media really is what drives the world now.
Everyone in the industry is writing about these changes from internal members to competitors. It’s a massive improvement over previous options and could shape the business. One major change is in the fact that the data is filtered into understandable settings. Even those without extensive training in the program can easily take note of instant analysis done by the program and presented to you across national borders; with clear graphs on what is working and what is not.

By far the biggest additions to all of this are the widgets which break down all the data for you. You can find out whether Facebook or Twitter was most successful this week. You can also look at all the biggest forms of social engagement to see which one you need to work on. Instead of putting it in the form of hard data it comes out in easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs. So even those least experienced can fully understand everything. It’s all a part of a global accessibility push.

Locations and time frames are also a big part of the new tools. You can see who enjoyed what, where and when. So you can get a very clean and precise look at what is happening without having to fumble through data stacks. Anyone can see the value in that when it comes to business analytics.

Grant management software can also benefit from this as well. Marketing campaigns can be tracked and used as evidence for future grants. Today many businesses and government authorities want to see that your organization is standing out in marketing. Without it you could quickly see many important grant managers ignore your future business plans. That can really put a hamper in any future campaigns you might run, but you can avoid it.

On the side of coding Microsoft Dynamics experts have worked for years to give you the best possible results there as well. You will get a great system which runs efficiently for you without a lot of slowdown or major bugs. It’s what you would expect from an ERP/CRM system which was developed for years as well.

This is of course not terribly useful if you do not have a social presence. However we would have to ask “why?” at that point. Everyone needs to monitor their social selling and marketing these days. It’s not an option unless you want to go out of business. Make sure that you begin working on it and look into a Microsoft Dynamics program with social listening options. It’s much easier than you might expect and could greatly enhance your profit margins.


Author: Walter McDaniel