On the IT Digitization Trend

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Digitization DiagramA new trend in Microsoft Dynamics and other programs has arisen. Indeed it has swept through all of IT in general and is popular in many other sectors of office thought. The idea that everything down to the smallest strip of paper must be digitized and replace. Unfortunately this is easier said than done for some companies who have massive stocks of information in physical form. Today we’ll give you some advice on how to handle this no matter what amount of information you have.

For those just starting out the easiest thing to do is start scanning and digitizing everything as soon as you can. That way you will have no backlog and can easily get it all in. You can also create a process to make sure new documents are also processed which will allow you to keep everything flowing smoothly. You definitely want to do this for some advantages you can get later on which we will discuss.

Every document must be digitized. Fundraising management software setups and many other forms of data storage are going to have to adapt to the trend. Fortunately with the huge amount of scanning and photographic technology we have this should be a simple affair for most users. If your company does not have the technology to do this yet then you should perhaps invest in some.

One way to cut down on all the time that you spend scanning everything is to just have it online to begin with. If a document was created electronically and stored that way then your job is already done. There are many ways to do this and it can even be done from some smart phone apps these days. Office integration is another way to make sure all of this is done in a format that will save you time and energy.

If it is causing too much trouble for your company you can also get a hand scanner or camera device. These can work with some software to gather data from incredibly fast scans or even pictures. With the right apps this data can even be sent into the Microsoft Dynamics framework to save you even more effort. By putting all of these factors together the process can be rather simple.

So what do you lose if you decide to buck this trend? First you miss out on saving money by not having to buy so many paper products. Then you miss out on helping the environment by having less waste. Lastly you will not have an easy way to search for everything with just a few keystrokes. The organizational advantages of putting all this in one system are significant so you should keep them in mind.

You can get by without doing this but we do not suggest it. There will come a time when all your top competitors have already done this and they will get the real advantages from it. Try to stay ahead of the curve in your operations as well.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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