On the Microsoft Dynamics 2015 Update

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap

We’ve discussed various updates before so today we are taking an in-depth look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Since it has been so long since this particular branch of the family was updated this is a big step forward for the company. As such it is extremely important to understand what you can expect from this massive addition and change to the framework. Since full updates over the years happen infrequently it is important to take note of just how much has changed when working on this.

The first point that was put forth was a service based architecture. This basically means that everything will focus on individual processes, or services, which you are attempting to bring to your clients. In this way your workers will have a number of tools all tied to the same end of delivering the best possible service for one person. As such the customer is the real focus of this one.

Identity management is yet another factor of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Both on the end of your people with their own identities (and security levels) and even individual buyers you can set up comprehensive profiles in the framework. This allows you to truly focus on those who are putting out the best results inside the company and on your customers who are working the best with you as well.

Azure procurement has also been improved. Depending on the version you could get data from Azure but it could sometimes be a difficult process that would necessitate some extra work over a long period of time. With the new versions they are all having additional options which make it much easier than ever before to get massive amounts of information in one area or the other. This means the days of having a lot of trouble when transferring a huge database are over for many people.

Applications are another area where we are seeing significant improvement over previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is because only in contemporary technology was there a focus on apps for business. Therefore with all the new versions there are new options for developers to make these for each of their clients. Therefore we will see thousands of new ones over the years which gives you more options than ever before.

Deposits, vendor processes and even training have all been improved in the process. It is now easier than ever to train your people to handle all of these with an improved user interface as well. Many of the aspects related to these can be fully automated if you want to cut down on some of the processing time which means you can have all your processes move much more quickly than you ever thought possible before.

Demos are currently out as people begin for the update as well. Due to this you can actually try out the various features and decide whether everything has improved to a level you can properly use it on. Multiple releases are in the works in order to make sure everything is covered and improved upon in the final product so keep your eye on this project as it evolves.

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