On the Microsoft Dynamics Spring Release

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Updates LogoThe Microsoft Dynamics Spring release is coming soon. Those of you shopping around or those who already have the program will want to find out about the improvements to CRM that this brings to the system. We will go down specific points for you so that you can know exactly what you are getting for each dollar you spend. We think that you will be rather impressed by the setup as a whole. If not then we will try a bit harder to convince you.

Updates like these are sporadic so when you buy the program you should wait patiently for the next ones. It is only natural to. That is the downside. Now the upside is the fact that by and large these updates add a lot of very important functionality to the program. They are always jam packed with a ton of features which create a significant improvement over their previous setup. We may have mentioned this elsewhere on the site but it bears repeating.

Nonprofit accounting software is greatly improved by the additions that the program brings. One of these is a drag and drop visual campaign designer. The drag and drop format insures that even your least experienced people can be expected to plan useful campaigns. You will of course want them to learn further options but this can be a great starting area to train them in. It can show them that their concerns about the program being too difficult are misplaced.

Another major addition is lead lifecycle management. In the modern business world we lose out on a lot of leads because we do not understand what the customer works. You now have the capability of tracking a customer lead throughout the entire lifecycle and then track the customer after. By studying what they want and seeing if you provided it or not you can figure out what the next customer will need on a whole other level.

Scalable email marketing is another big new feature. Some people are fine with spam. Some people hate spam. Some people are fine with constant contact. Others hate it. By studying what your best customers want you can target them with as much or as little email as they want. The best way to alienate a customer is to send them too much or too little contact over this powerful form of communication so it is obvious why you would want this feature in Microsoft Dynamics.

They also added a host of other features the biggest being many improved options in the sales and marketing connector and additional server improvements. Now the entire setting is more efficient and less buggy than ever before. Online users can even test improvements to the system with a “sandbox mode” that allows them to see what impact their custom changes will have. This was needed for some time because no one wants to accidentally cause problems for other workers when they could test a change first and see how it works. Over all it is a great improvement to the current version.





Author: Walter McDaniel

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