On the Validity of a Microsoft Dynamics Breakoff

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Microsoft Split WindowsSome, well, there is no nice way to put this, very ignorant people in technology blogging have been asserting Microsoft Dynamics and other parts of the company may break off into their own sub-companies. Why? No good reason. However they have managed to convince many people that this insane idea makes some sort of sense. Today we are going to discuss why such a proposal has not only failed for other companies but also shows no sign of happening in this one.

The first and best evidence against this is that the company is drawing partners closer to the core instead of pushing them away. They want to bring many partners into the fold and have bought quite a few. They also have new guidelines on who and who is not an approved partner. For a few years now they have been dragging everyone into the fold and it looks like things will continue with this trend. While we are sure you don’t need much more proof than that we are now going to discuss why it makes no sense to splinter it.

Another reason is that Microsoft Dynamics has a huge selling point on synergy. Separating any of the aspects of the company. Nonprofit accounting would be just one area where this would hurt them.

One point of evidence that they site is that by separating the company they could market to more customers from each segment. They say it would add “flexibility” to the setup. The problem is that it would weaken their overall marketing situation. They use each sector to market the other sectors to people who might like them on the side.

.Another point of evidence is that they have a new chief, Nadella, who is supposed to shake things up. However that seems to be another point in favor of Microsoft Dynamics staying with the core. He believes in the synergy approach as strongly as anyone. If anything he will push things closer to the center rather than father away.

So what is actually going to change? Interest in the company most likely. New bosses stir up interest in investment which is going to change quite a few things for the company as well.

Large sectors of the blogging world are however convinced that this is going to be a big change. It is mostly a tool to increase their readership though because people are always constantly excited about any change that may come in such a big industry. If they are lucky they could accidentally be proven right. That would be unfortunate as it is an assertion based on wild guesses rather than on the facts.

So what does this tell you? Take everything with a grain of salt when you are being told about the future. Test it yourself. Otherwise you can be led around by the nose by someone who does not actually know what they are talking about. The industry is filled with people. Test us as well, tell us to back up our assertions and we will. It is the only way to keep everything working well.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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