Organizing Grants with Microsoft Dynamics

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Grants Money ImageApplying for grants is troublesome and confusing for many charities. Figuring out how many you need to stay afloat and remembering the requirements to keep each one can make it a nightmare. In this article we want to discuss how Microsoft Dynamics GP can work with iMIS and BroadPoint BI to deliver a solution for your grant troubles. You may find that a complicated process can become very easy with the power of technology.

If you want a single solution for your grants management system problems it is Microsoft Dynamics GP. This powerful software can both gather all the information you need and check for errors in amounts. It can tell you how much you need to get in or how much surplus you will have from grants.

Let us use an individual grant as an example. Microsoft Dynamics GP can take your budget and tell you that you need grant X. You can then look at some grants that might fit and put them into the system. It will then tell you which one is the best on a sheer economic basis. After you have decided on it you can tell the system that it is the one. It can track when you apply for it and when you should expect an answer if you set it up correctly. Microsoft Dynamics GP can then help you compare it with the rest of the income and costs of your organization. Once you finally get the grant you can look at all this information to figure out where to best apply it and also keep track of when you will have to meet milestones for certain grants. This can help you avoid getting a grant pulled or make up for one that got pulled outside of your power.

iMIS systems and Business Intelligence systems can also be integrated into the system. iMIS systems can tell you how much additional money you will be getting from donators or if some members are not paying their dues. This can help you decide on how many grants you need in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system. The Business Intelligence systems can be used to give you even more information about your efficiency and costs. This can help give you a complete picture.

Once you have all these systems together you should find it much easier to control the cash flow through your organization. Over time it can even pay for itself as you do not miss or lose out on grants that you otherwise would have.  This is obviously something that any organization that requires grants looks for.

The final reason is that such a system makes everything easier for you and your people. You can waste a lot of time and money on manpower. Or you can create a system that saves you time and manpower. You cannot really place a concrete value on having less stress in the workplace. It is priceless. So take a look at your options and organize grants perfectly.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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