The Rocky Road of Naming Codenames

April 27, 2015 Microsoft has a slew of new Dynamics CRM codenames ready to deliver to the public later this year. During the company’s conference in March, Microsoft unveiled a

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MSD and Mobile Device Transactions

Mobile devices are the future and in many ways, the present as well. Due to the fact that everyone is pushing this across the industry you should prepare for it

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Hitachi Medical Systems Adopts MSD

Hitachi Medical Systems handles everything from disease handling to surgeon aid with their imaging technology. By integrating their setup with Microsoft Dynamics CRM they can now help their clients in

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Improving CRM Adoption

CRM adoption is on the minds of practically everyone in the business. After all, far too many businesspeople decide to never give a system a change. Their work suffers for

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How Trupanion Improved with MSD

Trupanion is an interesting new sort of business that sells a concept which few had thought about. They provide insurance for pet owners who might otherwise not be able to

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MSD and HP Form Groundbreaking Team

By far the biggest news related to Microsoft recently is the fact that they are teaming up with Hewlett-Packard for a very interesting new project. It’s supposed to be one