PayneGroup, Inc.

PayneGroup, Inc.

Seattle, Washington USA (HQ)

PayneGroup, Inc. – Back before anyone was even talking about metadata and the risk associated with accidental disclosure, PayneGroup created Metadata Assistant, made it available, and made it their mission to educate the public about the associated dangers. They have spent years continuing this mission and continue to make protecting clients their top priority. Metadata Assistant removes embedded information from Microsoft Office and PDF files and integrates with e-mail and third-party products. It is used by more than 3 million people worldwide across all industries. Metadata Assistant 3 is Windows 7 Logo Certified.

The Forms Assistant software automates the creation of common correspondence documents such as letter, memo, fax, agreements and even legal pleading templates. It also includes a document recycle feature and light document assembly called SmartBlocks. Another PayneGroup product, Numbering Assistant greatly simplifies even the most complex numbering scenarios and includes Table of Contents functionality. Finally, Outlook Send Assistant is another of PayneGroup’s security products and helps to detect and prevent accidental Reply to All and other potentially embarrassing e-mail scenarios.

PayneGroup also offers high-level Office Migration Consulting and Master Series Training and has authored 12 books on Microsoft Office including the best-selling series: Word for Law Firms.

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