Pragma Systems, Inc.

Pragma Systems, Inc.

Austin, Texas USA (HQ)

Pragma provides Windows 2008R2/2008/2003/7/Vista products and services in SSH and Telnet based solutions in Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile environments. Pragma is the industry leader of Windows SSH and Telnet Server markets. Access from ssh, telnet, windows Mobile RF Handhelds and green terminals can be easily performed with Pragma’s servers running in Windows rather than UNIX. With our development and support expertise in all of Windows platforms (32-bit, 64bit and Itanium IA64), you can rely on Pragma to bring enterprise class managed solutions based on Windows. Pragma can assist in UNIX-Windows connectivity and secure remote access solutions.

Pragma also has SSH secure clients and other apps for PocketPC and Windows CE devices and industrail handhelds.

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