Prepping for Convergence 2015

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Convergence 2015 ImageConvergence 2015 is coming up and it is one of the best ways to network in this industry. Whether you are individual businessperson or are looking to add on to your services you have a lot of options here. It’s also a great way to find out whether you could use some additional software in your MSD family of services. Thousands of people swarm the event every year in order to find out the latest in ERP news, implementation data and business strategy.

For those unfamiliar with the event it is a somewhat expensive conference, mostly due to travel and lodging requirements, which many business leaders attend. It’s an amazing place to learn more about the program and also meet those who could be very useful for your business in the future. People go there for every reason under the sun and you may want to visit it as well one day. We’ll certainly talk about it a bit each year as well. It’s big CRM and ERP news.

Many sites have specific info so we want to talk more in general terms. Networking is of course your #1 job here. Hundreds of businesses send representatives here to not only sponsor others but to look for sponsors. It’s a place where you try to meet your future, long-term business partners. It also plays host to a huge variety of organizations in every possible sector of business. So you know that the selection here is really great at all times.

As far as simply learning about the product you will be able to do that in spades. There will be workshops and major events. Experts will stretch as far as the eye can see at times. You may even want to look for an expert to add to your IT team here. Of course the actual leadership of Microsoft will also be here and it will be your opportunity to meet many of them if you have not before. So that is a big draw for many of those who visit.

Nonprofit accounting software and every other aspect will be shown off here. So if there is an extremely specific part of the Microsoft Dynamics family you want to learn about this is a great place to look into. There will also be many partners with custom setups. No matter what you need there is probably some group of people there looking to sell you a very specific solution for your exact business setup.

Some final advice we want to give is to not come on too strong with some people. Many businesspeople are there to learn or sell, not to buy. You’ll be wasting your own time and that of others if you push too hard that they need to buy from you or work with you. As with any other sales position it is important to determine the great prospects from those who simply do not care to buy anything from you. So be sure to use your own experience and good judgment here.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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