Profiles International and Microsoft Dynamics

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Profiles International Old LogoProfiles International is a major corporation that helps employers find the best employees. They help many businesses find the very best people to work there. It should be obvious why they would need a program like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Selling is actually a big point in an organization like this because if you do not have constant clients then you can’t keep the money flowing in. Having a large amount of demand is very important.

Profiles International makes money by selling databases, pools and resumes to various employers. This can be anything from pre-hiring to in-house development. They even give advice on talent management and software to help those who have already hired talented people. At every area of employment they attempt to sell their clients some services.

Sales is one major way in which Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being used for the company. Customers wanted more and more information so they gave it to them. Now clients have a way to access their own information very quickly. The process originally took them days in order to get the information written in a paper report. Not only were they able to set things up online without wasting paper but they also managed to get it Association management software was another useful thing it brought.

Marketing the internal resources of companies is also something they help with. They collect data on their clients in order to show them where they could best be using their people. You may have a treasure trove of employees who could help you gain connections with other companies. They help them see it by gathering much more information on them than ever before.

There is also a different lesson to learn here aside from their use of Microsoft Dynamics. If you can use your own ERP system to leverage your own talent you will not have to outsource things like this. In that case you can save money and really get the full value of each employee in the modern day.

Webinars were another way in which this increased efficiency helped them. A big part of their marketing is speaking in person and with the added online presence they saw their sales shoot up significantly. At base this is a service that no company actually needs to survive. Therefore they have to make their customers see the value in their luxury offerings. Doing otherwise would be disastrous.

Publishing eBooks were also another way in which the system improved everything. They could gather their information for these much faster and have one of their many employees crank them out. The value of an eBook lies quite a bit beyond the initial publication. It can drive people to a company or service for years. If you have not looked into them for your own company you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

So as you can see it let them track their talent pool better and bring in more customers. Could you benefit from the same organization that the hardware and software afford you?

Author: Walter McDaniel

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