Queensland Health Improves with Microsoft Dynamics

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Queensland AmbulancesQueensland Health moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Due to their important mission which we’ll discuss later it was essential that they have detailed records of every patient. We see this a lot with many medial organizations. When people have their lives on the line you cannot have any mistakes in the overall setup. One major service they offer is a free hearing check for all infants in the Queensland area regardless of how much money their parents make.

Due to their massive mission to help children with hearing difficulties they needed a better system. Microsoft Dynamics was of course this better system. Queensland Health helps screen children for ear problems. While most people just think of hearing loss as this you can also have tumors which could threaten your life. There are other ailments but basically hearing ailments can often become much more serious than many people realize.

Centralization of all the data was one of the first advantages which the organization received. Now they could track children throughout any area of Queensland. This is important because they need to treat these children over the course of their life. Serious issues in this area do not just simply go away and many of them actually get worse over time.

Membership management software is important because each child is special and important. So they need their own case files in order to make sure everything works out properly. Not everyone can be an expert in all of these technological areas so they need a few people who are well trained teaching others and the others inputting data in certain fields.

The system also has the additional benefit of helping them track negative hearing factors across Australia. Only a powerful system like Microsoft Dynamics could effectively manage all of this and they use the CRM options to improve relationships with those they have helped as well. It’s a similar story in far away Virginia as well.

Security was also greatly improved during all of this. With more options in that area than ever they can protect the sensitive information of those most vulnerable to theft. There are those who will not hesitate to steal the vital data of children. It’s hard to fathom but it is a reality of our current technological world that there are people like that out there.

It also helps them look at other data from birth data to years of health checks. This lets them track the progress no matter what. Other hospitals can also look through the records. This lets anyone treating the children see the entire story without having to do invasive tests. That is something any doctor can appreciate the value of and something that the profession needs to see more of.

Sharing information between these organizations is also much more efficient as well. Now they can get data which some had thought lost to obscure records. It all flows seamlessly between the networks of doctors, nurses and other workers that need it. This is absolutely vital information and also have the convenient side effect of making jobs easier.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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