The Rocky Road of Naming Codenames

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April 27, 2015

Microsoft has a slew of new Dynamics CRM codenames ready to deliver to the public later this year. During the company’s conference in March, Microsoft unveiled a roadmap depicting the delivery dates and codenames for the rest of the year. However, it appeared that different people had different views on the naming conventions of the codenames and packages.

The Cavalcade of Naming Conventions

In Q3 2014, Microsoft revealed four updates that would release to the public in Q2 2015. The updates announced during this release included Dynamics CRM “Carina,” Social Listening “Corvus,” Dynamics Marketing “Spica,” and Parature “Taurus.” Eventually, an update adjusted Social Listening to “Hydra” and Parature to “Atria.” Social Listening “Corvus” returned as a Q4 2015 update, while no one has made any mention of Parature “Taurus.” With inevitable delays in the release of updates this year due to minor setbacks, another new set of updates have been announced: Dynamics CRM “Ara,” Dynamics Marketing “Capella,” and Parature “Hercules.”

Meet Carina

The first CRM Online 2015 Update will be Dynamics CRM “Carina.” The Dynamics team always had a penchant for odd naming conventions, as “Vega,” the Dynamics CRM Online version Microsoft rolled out earlier this year was christened “CRM Online 2015 Update.” Carina will roll out as an OTA update. On-premises Dynamics CRM users may not see this update until the next update in Q4 2015. New features of this update include a navigation bar that resembles the Dynamics Marketing UI, a more obvious menu button, and greater integration between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

Future Sights

The upcoming updates will have a larger emphasis on socializing. Expect to encounter a social center that will provide marketing, sales, and service teams to oversee social topics. Upcoming updates will provide social analytics with text mining, cloud visualization, and social activity maps. Officials recently announced more integration between Parature and Dynamics CRM, a boon for knowledge management. Further improvements announced by Microsoft include offline mobile use, predictive analytics capabilities, OneDrive integration, and Delve/Office Graph integration.

Author: Johnny Duong