Rotex Saves on Licensing with MD

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Rotex Site ImageLicensing can get very expensive when dealing with any CRM. Rotex was having some big problems with that as well. Microsoft Dynamics helped them save this money. They have a special system that allows companies to save on this so you may want to use it over Salesforce. There are several interesting reasons for this that we want to share with you today.

Rotex is a major manufacturer of screening equipment for chemicals around the world. Every major nation in the world has a branch or uses some of their products. Their story started with this. They are much bigger than your average company so they needed a bigger solution. They went with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

They had to replace their own solution that they had used for ERP before then. This system just wasn’t working out for them because it was too small and was too easy. Their servers were also not great all around. Everything was just not keeping up with the amount of pressure that they were putting on it. If a system doesn’t bend then it breaks.

So they decided to buy an entire suite for their company. They bought their computers with OEM so that they could save money on that end because those copies are much less expensive.

They also saved money on that end with an Open Value Subscription for all their software from Microsoft Dynamics. They pay for annual licenses for everything at once and get a significant discount. This really helped them save on everything for their entire company. They had multiple programs from office to servers.

They manage to save 30 percent from their original licensing costs. This helped them save a huge amount of money over time. Hundreds of systems now had licenses that their employees could use.

Another advantage of switching to a full Microsoft Dynamics suite was that they could manage everything from a central system. Where originally employees could wander off and waste their valuable work time now they can see what is going on all over the company. If someone is slacking off the upper management can be informed properly and that can be cut down on.

In the modern day however many companies are moving towards free licenses. With the popularity of the free Linux and Macintosh moving to free other companies may follow suit. For the time being now software can still be very expensive and you want to save as much money as you can on it.

They enjoyed the setup so much they bought full plans that allowed them to upgrade to future operating systems and save there as well. You can really save a lot of money if you buy the base version and then just pay for an upgrade later. This same advice works well for non profit accounting software users.

So what can you learn from all this? Right now you still have to buy licenses but you can get some serious discounts on them if you buy them the right way. Try to take advantage of that yourself as well.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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