Rounding Value Entries, Microsoft Dynamics and Other Errors

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RoundingWhile certainly being a great system, no software is perfect. Microsoft Dynamics has things that can go wrong as with any system. Today we want to focus on one and talk about a few in general terms. Rounding Value Entries are what we are going to go over today. Some of these can cause some serious confusion with your team if you don’t understand them. You need to be prepared in case worse comes to worst.

First of all what is a Rounding Value Entry in this program? Rounding is when you move a number or amount up or down to make sure that entries make sense. This is rather important when dealing with such huge amounts of data. However programs like this don’t like to do that in many cases. As such they may create a new type of data such as a Rounding Value Entry.

Some of these may come up when you are exploring options for adjusting cost in item entries. A new set of data may come out of nowhere. This comes up because the system doesn’t want to add inaccuracies to your base data. As such it creates something known as residuals.  Financial management for services companies can get complicated with too many errors like this.

This also happens when the residual information isn’t being measured in the same amounts as your inventory. This could be such as a shipping company that measures data in pounds in order to calculate shipping costs. Microsoft Dynamics may get extra information that comes out in a different method of measurement.

So what is the danger of this? At the base level it just adds a bit of extra data to the system. At the worst level it could cause the system to add in data that does not mean to be added. This could lead to anything from inaccurate ordering to glitches that freeze up the system over time. Either one can be greatly troublesome for your company.

So how do you solve this? You can add a new value of measurement or go through and correct whatever is causing this extra information to be created. Depending on the volume of your data this can be somewhat easy or completely annoying. You need to talk with those who manage your database in order to figure out the best solution over time.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one program in which this problem can arise. It can happen in other programs within the family as well and you may need an advisor to figure it out. Your supporting company should have some resources on this that can help your staff sort them out as well. The advantage of a highly flexible company like this is that you can often fix these problems after they arise.

They may not come up at all depending on what system you are using. However regardless of the circumstances you need to be prepared. Even some of the greatest systems in the entire world sometimes have hiccups. Being prepared can save you lots of money and manpower over time.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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