Securing your Raised Funds

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Stacks of DollarsKeeping track of your funds can be difficult. However there are many ways both to track and secure your funds by using Microsoft Dynamics and other programs in concert. We’re going to offer a few ways to do this so that you can have some idea. Unfortunately today there are more ways than ever for hackers to crack your website and steal your money. It’s easy to spoof accounts and get everything working in their favor so you need to protect yourself more than ever.

While theft is not a new thing in this area the number of people doing it online has greatly increased. You can be in America and have a Russian hack into your account. While there are some safeguards for this the increased efficiency of money transfer systems has made it much easier to move your money around when they have gotten access to an account. While it’s not something we can change it is something that we can prepare for.

Fundraising management softwareis needed to know where your funds are going. Quite a lot of the theft that goes on is due to a lack of oversight. With a system in place you can see where all the money is going. The costs of not having a system to track all of this can cost you much more in the long run than ever before. That’s a serious problem when you add up all the money which you would be missing out on.

You may even want to put someone in as your online or internal security expert. This should be someone with a squeaky clean background who can really keep track of everything. Be sure to do a lot of background checks on them and check up on them to make sure nothing is going wrong. By having one person looking all over the system you can really improve your entire security management. Many big businesses already do this.

You should also try to put in some safeguards within Microsoft Dynamics itself. There are many different apps and other encryption protocols which you can use to do this. Both from first party sellers and third party vendors you can find a huge amount of different tools to set everything up. However the prices and quality vary as much as you might expect them to. You’ll have to weigh your options.

However one simple step you can take early on is enforcing strong passwords and good behavior. Don’t have your people log into the most secure items on a tablet or other item someone could pick up. Have your passwords be extremely strong so that you can keep everything protected from brute force attempts. Each of these can harden your security by quite a bit which will allow you to save money.

Whatever form of protection you use for Microsoft Dynamics just be sure to have some sort of strong system. People are out there who are willing to hurt a charity if it means they can get rich quick.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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