Sitecore Works with MSD to Provide New Initiative

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Sitecore LogoSitecore works on customer experience management. This is a vague blanket term for a wide variety of processes which improve customer satisfaction. Recently they started working with Microsoft Dynamics in order to improve commerce experiences all over the industry. Unfortunately sorting through the vagaries of market language can be very confusing. So we’ll discuss how the company improved by using the MSD family in this instance in simple terms.

Omni-channel commerce and experience management sound a bit strange to many. However it basically just related to giving all customers, across all levels of business, a great experience. This means delivering a real-life level of satisfaction and one for the digital world as well. In order to do this they offer consulting and software for companies that need to improve their customer experience in a very short period of time.

This partnership and many others have made ERP headlines in recent months. It seems that Microsoft is bringing new partners into the fold at an accelerating rate. Whether this is a part of their overall strategy or a change in it is something many analysts are still looking at as well. It took a year to finalize everything which is actually a fairly short amount of time in the business world. Other partnerships have taken much longer to put together.

Sitecore Commerce 8 is the name of their flagship product. Already released the software runs on the MSD framework with dozens of custom setups for companies to use right out of the box. As with so many other companies they hope to leverage these features with support in order to create a truly amazing product for everyone involved. They will also offer special support for the suite as well for things like fixed assets.

Accounting software for non profit organizations and many other add-ons will eventually be improved by these partnerships. Since providing these services is where the industry is going today if companies like Sitecore do not keep expanding then they will go out of business. This is good news for those who want simple solutions for ERP no matter what sort of organization they are running.

Shared services are a huge part of this new package. Now they can keep their data consistent between the real-life establishments with the touch of a few buttons. This also helps with accountability because managers can see where the money is going to in a budget. Waste in a system is one of the biggest areas in which companies lose money so cutting down on that is absolutely essential.

Publishing works perfectly alongside the databanks which allows companies to easily put all their new products up in short order, without sorting through hours of entries in order to make sure they are all working correctly. Users can also manage multiple storefronts at once for large companies with huge numbers of products. As such the customizations are very handy for those with many smaller units over a larger country. This will likely be their main targets for marketing and their main buyers over time as well.




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