Skyline Reaches the Top with Microsoft Dynamics

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Skyline Vertical Solutions LogoSkyline Vertical Solutions is one of many very impressive and fast-growing companies in the software development arena. The public appetite for apps and other programs is voracious. It really cannot be sated no matter how much they put out. They have to manage their large amount of business with Microsoft Dynamics in order to stay ahead of the curve so to speak. Learning from a fast-growing company like this can help you reach a similar level later on.

Some time ago Skyline had decided they needed to have a presence in a great number of marketplaces. They needed a way to track the progress in each as well as a way to scout out new potential setups. However they did not have a clear system to do this that could scale up well. They needed a way to scale up and make everything work.

They eventually chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM and looked into additional options for selling with it. There were many since software companies can work together in order to market a product as long as they are going to mutually benefit from it. Due to this the efficiency really stepped up and they started moving across the world from Australia to India. They now work with people in these countries to build their business to an even larger level.

A few of their clients already use the system as well so it become an additional selling point for them as well. They can say to them hello, we use this too and want to talk about what else we have in common besides that. It’s a way to get in and can really build some relationships when two businesspeople see that they have a common cause.

Interestingly enough much of their growth did not come from using Microsoft Dynamics, but through connecting with the MD Marketplace in order to sell custom apps. This is not because the platform did not help them. In fact the CRM solutions were quite useful, but because the Marketplace options were a much faster and more efficient way for them to sell their programs. It gave them an entirely new way for the customer base to connect with them.

The new social options for Microsoft Dynamics are also important to the company. Customers can send out reviews for their Marketplace apps regularly so they can get positive buzz. They can also quickly get any negative buzz so that they can solve any problems that customers might have been having with their product. Overall it’s a great system which allows them to get the best feedback possible. In business feedback is invaluable. Grant management software is another way they can use the software to get a bit of additional money.

If your company sells similar products do not discount the advantages of working with such a large company as Microsoft. They may be on top but often times they are willing to share the wealth, so to speak, with those who have common interests with them. Using these facts to your own advantage is a major way in which you can stand out from the pack later on.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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