Snowmobiles and Microsoft Dynamics

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Polaris LogoYou do not usually think of sophisticated computer programs like Microsoft Dynamics alongside Snowmobiles. However one company works with both. Polaris Industries does have a name that calls out to the snow devices that they sell. They had to make their system more flexible and cost efficient. You can guess what they went with.

In 2008 Polaris became a smash hit all over the world. They had to distribute products all over the world. However they wanted to create a better way for their distributors and other employees to handle information. After all if you do not know who you are selling to then you might not be able to get them the correct product. Both their internal sales staff and many hundred dealers outside the company needed a better way to get the information.

Unfortunately their system had different applications for each one. There was one system for the internal staff, one for dealers and one for part dealers. The information sharing was clunky to say the least. In a more practical way it was just simply terribly inefficient. Things got really terrible when redundant information got put into the system. Their staff and dealers didn’t need to know that a customer needed a snowmobile four times. It just working on any level as iMIS Software.

Support systems were similarly bogged down by this process. They had over 1,000 support systems every single day. As a big name purchase with a lot of parts that can break this is understandable. Unfortunately the disjointed systems of the company made it hard to keep customers happy over time. They couldn’t be sure that a part was getting sent out or a replacement was being arranged.

Fortunately Microsoft Dynamics CRM went a long way to fixing this problem.  The first thing it fixed was having so many different systems spread out all over the company. They could now have one big system for everyone that adapted in real time to the needs of the customer. Now the support staff could finally send the information other sectors needed through Microsoft Dynamics.

Another important part was that all the systems have the same capabilities. So they worked with engineers to modify the xRM platform in order to make sure everything works the same. Now their dealers can access most of the same information as anyone else can. At least, as much as they need in order to do their job over time. This also frees up their support staff because their third party people can get the information they need without tying up the company with phone calls or e-mail.

The results of this were dramatic. Increased efficiency for the core company employees. Dealers were happy that the old system that made no sense was gone. Increased efficiency lead to even more growth over time. Everyone in the company was happier all around due to this new system that made more sense. If you have a variety of inefficient systems a similar solution may be in order to improve your company all around.





Author: Walter McDaniel

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