South African Microsoft Dynamics

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Ubuntu LogoSouth Africa has had a tumultuous history with insane violence and racism. Things have only recently calmed down to some degree, where a bit of development could take place. Businesspeople who could see an opportunity have come from all over the earth in order to try to make business work there. As such Microsoft Dynamics is being sold to them and pushed in a big way. From conventions to aggressive marketing campaigns it is being pushed deeply into the main view business there. If nothing else it should be interesting to see how this all works out.

As far as a talent pool incredibly useful people have been coming there to work uninterrupted and unshackled by regulation. Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu developed his software there for example. Of course the flipside of that in the modern day is that they don’t have preferential treatment while doing the work like they used to.

That being said many businesses still see the benefit of Microsoft Dynamics. While it may strike you as overwhelmingly obvious the thing it brings which they need most is order. Even after the violent history settled down many businesses were not exactly organized. They had gone so long with corrupt systems and preferential treatment for sectors that having at least some form of equality was baffling for many people.

Another reason they need it is the sheer development speed they are trying to create is too much for a regular company to handle without help. They need a way to manage everything in order to really insure their growth increases all around. They also need internal businesses to use Microsoft Dynamics and to grow in big ways. This is because as it stands right now international companies. Funds going out of the company has been a big problem since, well, before we were all born. Africa has often had resources both physical and mental taken from it.

The problem is of course compounded by the fact that the United States and UK markets do not really want technology from there. There is still a bit of xenophobia to be had about other countries that drives purchasing. There are of course some good reasons for this with how China has handled things but it hurts all the countries equally.

Even with the shaky situations both Microsoft and their partners have headed up massive conferences and other sales efforts in the area. They see a market that is ready for growth and for companies that are so large they really need it. Their domestic markets just are not going to grow much more than they have. This is what they need and they are going to pour their resources into it. Membership management software is one of many things they need to keep track of growth.

If you are going to work in that region then keep this in mind. They want your business and will be offering you quite a bit for it as a new prospect. That can be a somewhat useful bargaining chip when you are hammering out contracts for your service.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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