Sutherland and Microsoft Dynamics

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Sutherland Global Services Example

Sutherland Global Services is a world leader in helping other businesses manage their businesses. From technology to basic operation they help people all over the world create a more efficient and overall more useful environment for those who need a competitive edge. As such it makes sense that they would need Microsoft Dynamics for their own day-to-day operations. With it they have managed to continue to be competitive no matter what comes their way.

Innovation is the name of the game for them as they are always trying to push new items and ways of thinking into the overall perspective. As such they always have to be on the top of the latest trends and having those they help work towards those as well. Doing this is not so easy and therefore they need more information than many of those who do similar work in the industry. MSD results are one great way they can stay on top of this though.

Helping clients manage fundraising software is another reason why they needed to track individual needs. Many of the Fortune 500 companies they work with need advice in many areas which you would not normally consider. Microsoft Dynamics allows them to track each of these areas in real time due to the advanced analytical options which are available to them right of the box and that can really help them improve everything in short order.

Digitization is one major push that they have put into their own company and try to implement into others as well. By creating a digital network for every possible piece of information they insure that everything can be stored and transferred in extremely short order so that everyone has the maximum efficiency when conducting their daily operations.

This increased productivity has allowed them to help more clients than ever before, even those in the fortune 1000 which increased their bottom line. At the same time they were able to also improve the work practices of those same clients leading to a better work environment for them as well. Due to this they have continued to network and grow even when there have been troubling economic times for others.

The do not of course use just Microsoft Dynamics for this. They also implement sever technology and SharePoint in order to make sure everything works perfectly and cut down on their own organizational costs as well. Due to these changes they could now expand their own global network further than ever before. Very few developed parts of the world lack a sector of Sutherland now and they expect to continue their growth over time.

Their track record of excellent service continues to improve as time goes along while others struggle to keep standards high with continued growth. They work with many MSD partners in order to stay at the top of the global market. Due to the fact that they properly integrated CRM solutions into their core framework their future looks bright in a number of different ways.

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