Swan Island Networks Inc.

Swan Island Networks Inc.


Swan Island Networks, Inc. is a cloud-based information services provider specializing in agile situational intelligence and risk management solutions. The company provides highly secure SaaS services for capturing, displaying, filtering, and sharing data from thousands of sources, both open and proprietary, supporting 20% of the Fortune 100 and more than 250 enterprises.

In partnership with Microsoft in 2014, TIES for Microsoft CityNext was launched as a new service optimized for the public sector and designed to support local, state, regional and national governments’ situational intelligence needs, around the world. TIES for Microsoft CityNext provides a comprehensive, 360°, real-time picture of a city or region, and supports security, public safety, public health, school safety, emergency response, transportation and other critical city functions. TIES for Microsoft CityNext is helping leaders of cities, schools and other organizations make faster, better, and more informed decisions to help protect citizens, schools, and critical infrastructure.

TIES for Microsoft CityNext leverages the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud to deliver highly secure, reliable and scalable services that are easy to use and can be accessed from a variety of mobile and desktop devices. It provides Smart Alerting, innovative Intelligence Channels, and access from desktop or mobile devices, enabling public sector leaders to act quickly and strategically, in response to breaking events…and in support of daily operations. TIES for Microsoft CityNext can be quickly customized to meet your organization’s requirements, and is available in various editions, including a Leaders Edition, Safe Schools Edition, Special Events Edition, and Disaster Response Edition.

TX360™ is an all-new new agile situational intelligence services platform optimized for global enterprises and private sector security. TX360 enables enterprise security professionals and corporate leadership to quickly recognize, manage, and respond to emerging threats of all kinds. TX360 provides access to thousands of intelligence sources through a single point, using its innovative channels-based architecture. TX360 provides corporate leaders, risk managers, and security personnel quick access to the information sources and alerting services they need to share intelligence and react quickly to protect their people and their enterprises. It is now available as an enterprise subscription service.

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