Taylor Shellfish Farms Get Ahead with Microsoft Dynamics

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Shellfish FarmingWhen you think cutting edge software you may not always thing Shellfish. However Taylor Shellfish Farms have used Microsoft Dynamics GP but have moved on to AX. This particular company is an amazing example of how your own company may grow over time. You may find that you need to upgrade as well.

But first let us discuss what this company does and did. They started out as a small size one that could do their work without a dedicated solution. However they moved into the mid-size with GP which necessitated an upgrade. They continued along this road for years until they outgrew even that. Now they are a global company.

In specific terms they ship seafood all over the world. They started at the regional level then moved onto a national level. Now they ship it all over the world which means they need offices and systems all over the world in order to take in all the information.

Now they are the largest company in North America that processes seafood such as Clams, Mussels, etc. They have offices from Canada to the Fiji Islands. They were having trouble keeping track of it all until they switched over to Microsoft Dynamics AX. This new system can give them live data from companies all over the world which lets their management team access it anywhere. Whether you are on a phone or a tablet you can get all the data anywhere in the world. This is essential in a system like this.

It also integrates well with other products from Microsoft such as SharePoint and Office. It has both the big information view and the small one from individual workers. As such they get all the information they need in no time at all.

So why is this important in this industry? Because the price of their product fluctuates wildly. Overfishing, growth spurts in some strains and demand all change over time. Each one of these factors cause this market to change wildly. This means that they have to take advantage of price rises and drops over time. If they put out the wrong amount over time then they are toast. One big shipment put in the wrong place at the wrong time can wreck their profits for quite some time. This is a very useful form of ERP and project management.

Conversely gathering all the data from Microsoft Dynamics AX allows them to take advantage of high demand. If it goes up they can ship additional product to the areas which is needed on the fly. They can even see a forecast of how their money is going to come in or go out. If they did not have this system they would be destroyed completely.

The situation gets even more complicated when dealing with a fresh product like this. They need to harvest the right amount during one day and the next day that product needs to get to the consumer. This is absolutely essential over time for their company. If you have a similar company learn from them.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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