TeleResults Corp

TeleResults Corp


Since 1995, TeleResultsĀ® Corporation has been a leading developer of medical records software designed to assist medical facilities, transplant centers, and laboratories to operate more efficiently and economically.

TeleResultsĀ® is a complete Clinic Automation and Electronic Medical Records system for Transplant Centers that will empower your patients, free your staff, and help perform many of the daily tasks which take up much of a clinic coordinator’s time.

The system retrieves lab results electronically from multiple labs and can deliver these results to patients and doctors by telephone, fax, and even on the Internet. Patients can cancel appointments, leave or retrieve voice-mail messages and enter home test results using a touch-tone phone. The system will even call patients for appointment reminders.

TeleResults maintains patient records and covers demography, chief complaint for the visit and Subjective/Symptoms data. It also maintains objective data including vital signs & Review of Systems, Assessment (problems & disorders) with ICD-9 and an additional code, Treatment Plan including medications, tests ordered from Diagnostic Labs, referral to specialist, recommended date for the follow-up visit and clinical notes, Procedures with CPT-4 codes and up to three additional modifiers. TeleResults also has features that facilitate regulatory compliance including UNOS reporting.

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