The Arabian UFG and Microsoft Dynamics

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UFG LogoOne name stands out in all of Arabia as the greatest Float Glass Company. While their business practices had taken them quite a long way they needed just a bit more in order to move their business to a higher level. They eventually chose Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to make this transition much easier for them. Weighing out a huge amount of options this proved to be the one they finally decided on. Today it is likely a major reason why they are still so popular today.

The company boasts an impressive amount of performance from day to day with their own operation. Making around 600 tons of extremely high-quality float glass at their plants they provide incredible amounts of product to their nearby buyers. They had created this unique setup from local investors who had some serious money to spend. They are still putting out quite a lot of product today.

The company also sold itself, and sells itself, on the quality of their products. They needed additional quality checks that Microsoft Dynamics AX could provide. The culture of the Middle East is set up so that if people of the same faith do not deliver a similar level of work there will be problems. Many people will see themselves as being cheated in that situation so it’s really not an option as to whether they put out good quality or not.

The company had originally used Peachtree accounting to handle everything. Accounting software for nonprofits is something that it can handle. Accounting like this? Not so much. How did they do this? We have no idea because while it’s fine for a smaller business it would be terrible for managing a huge company. They eventually realized this was a mistake because it just did not have the ERP features which they really needed in order to grow as a company.

Of course they looked around quite a bit before they went with Microsoft Dynamics. They looked at QAD, SAP and Oracle solutions but decided they would simply cost too much for too little performance. The value in choosing them simply wasn’t there. On top of that they were already using many servers from MD and other software. They needed something that could use all of these at once to the full extent.

As with many companies they chose a partner to help them set everything up. They helped them with both setting up all the hardware and also training their people for a bit. This is something that many of those in power decide to go with. It just makes the whole process easier for those who work under them.

They also needed to set everything up on a quick time table and they managed to do it in six months. They had more investors than most companies because not only were local investors in they also had international interests badgering them.

Choosing the Microsoft Dynamics framework allowed them to speed up production dramatically and also create a new and solid infrastructure for the people in their new facilities. You could probably use a similar process to keep investors happy.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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