The City of Barcelona and Microsoft Dynamics

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City of Barcelona SkylineThe City of Barcelona runs La La Merce, which is one of the largest festivals in Europe if not the world. Sure they needed Microsoft Dynamics CRM but they also use it to plan their huge party. It’s pretty interesting to see the multiple uses you can have for a powerful setup like this. Perhaps what is most intriguing is that they originally set it up to run the city itself. However they found that it had many, many different applications beyond that.

A few cities have a reputation for advancing before the rest of the crowd and reaching the peak of technology. The City of Barcelona is one of these in the global scheme of things. They have for years grabbed the latest hardware and software to use with their various projects. This was no different and they have put it to excellent use.

When first choosing their Microsoft Dynamics setup they saw that cloud services and the flexibility of devices were what most appealed to them. When you deal with a significant city like Barcelona you need to have a large number of different ways in which you can share data across the setup. Obviously a cloud helps with this in many different ways. They could also integrate it with Office 365 in order to save money and spread it more.

It also gave them options in CRM that they never had before. They had a few useful systems but nothing that could really take everyone’s needs into account. This was also quite useful in planning their La La Merce festival. With the large number of vendors and those who attend the setup it’s very important to get their input. Now they finally had a dedicated system to do this in a variety of ways.

Alongside the Microsoft Cloud Software they use Windows Azure to handle their intelligence operations. This allows them to process the huge amounts of data they take in from tourists and other services. Without a robust IT infrastructure behind it this system simply would not work. Donor management software is useful for those who want to contribute to their festivals and other events.

These improvements also allowed them to greatly improve the efficiency of various city systems. Everything from simple setups like trash pickup to major events were made simpler through this. It can all be done across the network of laptops, phones and other devices that city employees use along with the cloud. This really speeds up communication throughout the entire setup.

For years they had already run the Windows Server tech and they upgraded to the 2012 version. This also helped them create a huge web of online infrastructure. Now barely anyone in the government setup has to go without information which is current.

The system also has new feedback setups for citizens and guests. Now not only is everything easier for the workers themselves but people are happier because they can influence how the government runs with comments. Everyone benefits from the increased amount of technology. Pushing forward to the future is what Barcelona has always done and will do.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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