The Downsides to Not Having Fundraising Software

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Donator EngagementWe talk a lot about needing a framework like Microsoft Dynamics for all your money needs. However today there is one sector that needs it more than most others. Fundraising is vital to have a system for. Regardless of what manner you decide to handle it in, it’s clear that some system is in order. If you are skeptical about that we’re going to make our best effort to prove it to you. You may be leaving some money on the table if you have not checked into this so far.

As we have mentioned before one of the major things that has changed in charities is competition. There are a huge number of different organizations that are jockeying for the same amount of money you are. It has gotten so competitive that there are sometimes mudslinging campaigns and much more. It really has become a big business in many different ways and you should be taking stock of it.

One of the biggest costs of not having fundraising software is not knowing how much money you are leaving on the table. Without it you have no idea how much you can get and what you are missing out on. There is a wealth of incredible informational resources that you can help use to find this information out. Indeed many people have already compiled it for you so that you don’t have to keep track of it all yourself.

Even if you don’t want to go with the Microsoft Dynamics solution at a discount there are many free and open source programs you can shop around for. These can give you an early edge when you cannot afford to have the larger ones. Then you can switch to the other ones later on which is what we would suggest. If you are truly so small you can’t afford it then there are always alternatives.

Not having a system also hurts your personal connection with the clients. They may feel like they don’t know what you and your organization are doing in the long run and this may make them hesitant to work with you. That is something you need to avoid no matter what happens. If you are disconnected from them then you will have no way of knowing what they need or want done for the progress of the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics can also help you plan better for the future. It isn’t just businesses that collapse due to too much growth. History is filled with a huge collection of different charities that overreached their resources and collapsed under their own weight. If you can manage to track your progress then you can avoid all of this. That is something essential to overcoming, well, the good times that make you overconfident.

The final useful area is that Microsoft Dynamics just makes everything easier for everyone at your company as a whole. You can’t really put a price tag on making your people happier when working on a big project.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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