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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Free Trial With a new era of free content everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is jumping on the bandwagon. Today we are going over things confirmed for this solution and where we think it will go in the future. Having more free stuff is always a good thing. You may find out some good news that you hadn’t previously.

The first big thing they are offering is non-production instances. What the heck are those? Basically new builds of it as you would expect. Everyone is kind of used to those in the modern day but it is something that you need. A few companies here and there still charge for new editions which is unacceptable. This goes for those who use the Cloud CRM functionality as well. Actually in the past they charged for it as well which was somewhat troublesome for people. It cost people about $150 a month on a new instance which was an outdated practice which we think has come and gone. ‘Member management software comes at some cost.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also getting free storage which is quite revolutionary. The industry standard was and still is that you go get your own hardware, storage etc. if you get some software. Now they are trying something that people did not expect but we think will be really great. This is something everyone has wanted for a while. Down the road we will probably see them taking over everything from software to hardware providing which will change the entire community. How it does so we are not sure about.

There are restrictions though. You need to have at least 25 or more professionals working with your instance. You also need to have them using the storage which will cut down on the amount you have in the long run. You will get extra storage with more professionals using it though so it’s a complicated situation. You may need to ask your people to work more efficiently in order to not use up all the free storage that you have for them. That is more than somewhat important as you might imagine.

This is probably all due to many companies switching over to free software and making money other ways. For example, cloud storage. The fact that the number of users you have both eats into and adds more free storage for Microsoft Dynamics means that it can get a bit confusing for the consumer. As unfortunate as it is things are usually better for the vendor when people are a little confused about how much they are being charged and for what.

That being said not much is going to change as far as the overall charges. Licenses will still cost a decent amount for people to handle. You will still need the hardware. We think that they are going to be taking over more first party partner duties and hardware distribution because they want to bring it back into the core company. Things are really changing in the market so be sure to keep an eye on it.






Author: Walter McDaniel

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