The Microsoft Dynamics AX Software

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Microsoft Dynamics AX InterfaceMicrosoft Dynamics AX is a very strong choice for those starting an international business. This system is the go-to choice for very large businesses. Today we want to talk about what this system does in general terms rather than in specific ones.

The setup of this software is made to expand over time. It is made to be able to handle huge orders that come in suddenly and also unexpectedly. This lets you adapt automatically over time to new roles and options. This allows you to handle it without getting overwhelmed.

What is the one thing that all big businesses want to avoid? Being cracked down on by the government. There are many things you can do to avoid this and Microsoft Dynamics AX can be very useful for avoiding this. You can keep extremely detailed records that are updated regularly. This means you’ll have the data there for when the worst happens. No one wants to get annihilated by fines due to a huge growth and you can avoid that.

This system also lets you predict where your cash flow and delivery of products are going. You can virtually see into the future when a product will be there and when you will be getting the payment for it.

This system also allows you to track complaints on defective products. It lets you find if an entire line is handled. You can setup an automatic system that sends information to those who can defuse the crisis. This could be anyone from your marketing team to your shipping sector. However you decide to handle it you can handle thousands of products at once. This means even an absolute disaster can be defused before it destroys your company.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can also increase your overall productivity. It allows you to assign roles to each of your people. There are 30+ different styles of these. These roles can be anything from a simple manager to the CFO themselves. Each one comes with a certain number of access rights so that you can give each employee as much or as little information as they need over time. it’s versatile enough to serve as a system of ERP for services firms.

The business app integrated with these roles can also sign jobs automatically. If you know you need X products created and shipped there is no reason to have a human assigning each one. The system can look at what you need and find out that X workers need to create X products. This allows you to more efficiently assign jobs across the company.

We will describe specific roles later on but as you can see in general terms Microsoft Dynamics AX can handle anything a large, international company needs. However it is a bit too much for those with small to mid-sized companies. It’s just more power than you would need so you should go with a smaller solution like CRM. Of course you may want to upgrade or downgrade between these versions as your company changes so figure out which program you need today.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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