The NRDC and Microsoft Dynamics

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NRDC LogoThe National Resources Defense Council had become a massive organizations whose parts did not know what was going on with the others. It was like a body that had limbs flailing in all directions without getting anything done. They needed a way to bring them all together and integrate those who donated to the cause along with the lawyers who were their militant arm. They eventually chose Microsoft Dynamics GP and FRx. They even added the Forecaster and Sharepoint options to create an incredible system. You do not see someone use this much very often but some organizations need it when the job is too big. Come see how this helped them with us.

The National Resources Defense Council or NRDC, is a militant wing fighting to protect nature. However unlike terrorist organizations like Greenpeace they use lawyers and political activists as their frontline fighters. While they may not have methods which would actually injure or kill people they are no less passionate about the fight than any other group. This incredible organization has 1.3 million members along with more than 400 professionals such as lawyers and scientists. Fundraising software is a big deal for associations like this.

The NRDC had a huge network of different IT applications which weren’t working together at all. Five different super systems were managing information and not sharing it properly with others or with the company itself. It was a huge mess of too much information not being set up correctly for people. Their accounting department was incredibly frustrated and they were starting to realize they needed something like Microsoft Dynamics.

They looked over several vendors when they were going through it. They needed a way to pretty much completely eliminate their paper needs in the long term and also simplify things for everyone involved so that they could work more efficiently.

They chose a partner that had been certified by the core company for Microsoft Dynamics. Everything went together well when they were installing it. They managed to integrate all their dipartite systems which had not been working together. Everything flowed more smoothly and really improved the entire process for everyone.

The accounting process was now better than ever. The information was being funneled through one system so instead of looking at 30 different forms they could look at around 4 or 5 to get every piece of information they would possibly need. The info was also updated constantly with the Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

They could also track their grants and other funding loans well so that nothing would go missed and they would not lose out on any funding. This all happened with a number of different ways in which they sped up the overall process. Each improvement really made the entire setup much better and made work less harsh for employees who had been rather frustrated before.

Finally it led to less waste of paper which helped them improve the environment in some small way as well. Every little bit helps. If you work with a similar charity then this could really help you out in the long run to switch to a GP solution.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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