The Quick Setup of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV screenMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is easy and quick to setup for quite a few reasons. We want to discuss how and why this can be setup so quickly for your team members.

The program itself has a “Rapidstart” wizard. This lets you put the name and logo on along with all the basic information from VAT registration to the simple address. You can even put in payment details and all other essential information. What good does this do? It allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV to share this information with all the documents and databases which you will be creating over time.

The next step is to import data packages. These can be anything from customer records to posting groups. Customers and workers can simply import everything in one go without having to go through thousands upon thousands of files of data. Doing this by hand would be a mind-bogglingly tedious piece of work that your team would probably rather not have to deal with at all.

This system allows you to import everything from customers to shipping records. You can also edit your data before and after you load it in order to insure the accuracy of everything. This is something that you should make sure to do before you run it all in order to save yourself some time.

You can also create profiles to give roles for your team. You may not always want everyone to see all your information. Some junior partners who have not proven themselves could do without it. While corporate espionage is not terribly common in some industries, it does exist everywhere. Make sure that you give the right people access to this information.

Once all this is done you can instantly post and ship sales orders. It instantly makes everything work after you have setup your data tables. This can all be setup and used between five and ten minutes. There are tons of other small customizations that you can do to improve it. But this should give you an idea of how quickly it can be setup.

Once you have finally set it up you can go through various reports on your company. This allows you to not only change the data in the software but see what it all means. Even those of genius level intellect would rather have Microsoft Dynamics NAV sort it for them than look through each one manually. Tedium is something universal to all people. Project management software can be tough to set up but this type isn’t.

That’s what it’s really set up to do. Cut down on tedium. Even those who complain about the features would absolutely despise doing this without the various shortcuts this program provides. The only risk is the same one that comes with having employees at all, sabotage can happen. You should make sure to create roles only for those who you trust completely and fully all around.

So is Microsoft Dynamics NAV right for you? If you have a mid to large size company then it’s a complete and easy choice for your rising business.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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