Third Parties are Supporting Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics iPad Sample ImageFor quite some time Salesforce has been sticking it to Microsoft Dynamics with their superior third party support. Indeed for quite some time they did have superior support. However the times are changing and that case is changing with it. Many companies are now joining with Microsoft to give additional support to the program. Let us examine a few of them.

Yammer was one of the early adopters to become a part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The interesting program allows you to change your system from simple CRM to a social network. Members can share comments and work on projects together over time. This creates an entirely different atmosphere for any company.

Some iPad integration is an unexpected addition to the company. They are making CRM mobile and we can expect the tradition to continue. The piece of hardware is seeing more and more use with the hip technical crowd. In many ways it can act as a useful hub that you can work with anywhere in the company. The iPad is also quite fun for the simple fact that most people enjoy using it at work.

Skype is yet another addition that Microsoft Dynamics promotional people are touting. However this program isn’t exactly a third party. Microsoft bought out the company over time and added it to their suite. This integration however is quite useful as many of the calls are free. This means you can have video calls all over your company with very minor cost to you. This can save you money on a more expensive and expansive network.

Smaller third parties are also coming into the Microsoft Dynamics family. The small company Sandler Kahne software has a program called eBanking Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX. This powerful software gives you a useful and easy way to manage all your tax and banking needs online. This trend is being repeated throughout the smaller industry. Many developers want to get noticed by the larger companies and this is their way to do it.

Much of this integration comes from the fact that competition in the industry is so fierce. They have a huge number of competitors including Salesforce and SugarCRM among hundreds of others. This means that the top companies are always having to make deals in back rooms in order to have more developers and more influence. This incredibly intense competition may be a nuisance for the companies but is absolutely great for you. This is a reason why many use it as non profit accounting software.

This also means that there is less difference between top CRM solutions. All of them offer and absolutely excellent solution to your needs so you can go with most any of them. However Microsoft Dynamics is still a relative newcomer at the top of the industry so they have more to prove.

Who should you go with? That answer is not so simple. Each one has a variety of solutions from point of sale to international vending. Take stock of your own needs and choose one that fits your third party software requirements.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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