How Trupanion Improved with MSD

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Trupanion LogoTrupanion is an interesting new sort of business that sells a concept which few had thought about. They provide insurance for pet owners who might otherwise not be able to pay for medical care for their pets. Their new offering has become a smash hit in many parts of the world due to the fact that we love our animals so much.

Trupanion is one of many new organizations that focus on the importance of pets to their family that provides an unusual service. Others include gourmet food and drink manufacturing for them and advanced prosthetic operations for them. It’s a booming industry with some amazing organizations in it today.

Sales are the biggest area this technology helps them in, as they have agents who manage the purchases and need a personal connection with the customer. This allows them to continue thriving over the years and help people take care of their pets in great new ways.

Due to these upgrades customer service has improved tremendously across the company. Most of those who call in will do so because something has gone terribly wrong with their pet. They’re often distraught and do not have the time or mind state to really dig through a lot of their personal information. Since all of that data is pulled up right away it’s very simple to handle all of this.

What may confuse some people about this is why there is so much demand for pet insurance. Perhaps 10 or so years ago this would not have been viable. But now the dog, cat, and etc. industries are so large that almost any sort of business can thrive when based on them. People have taken dedication to their furry family members to an entirely new level. This means spending between hundreds and thousands of dollars on them constantly. Microsoft Dynamics is chosen by many interesting businesses like this one.

Donor management software can help them grow as well. Since some of their work could be considered humanitarian it could help them qualify for some of this. However so far it seems unlikely that they would need any of this because their business is doing very well. It will however help them keep up with their profits by sharing data in the cloud. They also use Office and other integrated programs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the major choice for them due to two big factors. One is the fact that they can customize it in any way they would need. Since they’re a relatively new company they can’t always be sure they will need the same things as their business grows. However the flexible nature of the program allows them to always be ready when they need to change.

Agents also have all of the information needed in order to understand each case. They can see everything which is covered on the fly. They don’t have to spend minutes looking for that vital data across multiple sites or banks of data. It’s all right there when they need it so that they can focus on the customer.


Author: Walter McDaniel