Understanding CRM and Why You Need a System

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CRM CycleA lot of buzzwords get thrown around such as ERP and CRM. We want to give a primer for those who aren’t so familiar with these systems a quick rundown. From simple terms to concrete results there is a process to understanding how Microsoft Dynamics works with your CRM.

First we should go over what CRM is. Customer relationship management refers not to the actual interactions with customers, but how you manage them. It’s a way to create a plan to improve the way customers interact with you over time. A system for this allows you to handle things quicker and easier.

The system itself can take nearly any form. It can be a software system like Microsoft Dynamics. It can be a communication system like a phone network. Ideally all of these are just cogs in a much larger network that works toward improving your sales.

There are many individual parts that have to be kept up with in order to deliver the best experience for consumers. Marketing is one big part as you have to get people coming in the first place. Support systems are also extremely important because you have to be able to respond when things go wrong. Even social media can be tied into this.

A system such as Microsoft Dynamics handles all of these things. It can make your call centers operate faster and more efficiently as your people can more easily send and receive information. Your marketing greatly improves as there are ways to integrate social media inside and outside. Yelp integration is one example of this as you can create an environment where even those inside your company and out. It also allows you to keep track of appointments and expenditures.

One thing that is not necessarily part of CRM is looking over your results. However a software system gives you an overview of that as well. It’s an essential part that can be very hard to manage without a database to keep track of everything.

So now that you know what it is why is it important? It’s perhaps the best indicator of whether your customers are happy. While some businesses can go for some time without happy customers no business can go forever. It is perhaps the most important yet somewhat intangible factor that drives everything. Having a system to see whether they are happy and improve on your company if they are not is essential. Client development for services companies is just one benefit of having good CRM.

Creating a system like this is essential. However if you have Microsoft Dynamics pretty much everything you need is already there for you. Other people have designed everything you might need and it can work with existing systems and programs. Designing it yourself would be somewhere between difficult and impossible.

So as you can see there is clearly a need for a system like this. How you decide to go about creating it is up to you. Get one soon or you will be beaten by those who have one such as this suite.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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