Understanding Dynamics CRM Online Channel Updates

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Channel Marketing DiagramPay-as-you-go is a big new model for Microsoft Dynamics. While it is nothing that has not been around for many years in business it is new to the problem. Previously only certain sectors could use this model but it is swiftly expanding to every sector of the world. The license model was very popular for a long time but these days’ people want flexibility and choices and this gives it to them. As always they the same hard work as before.

So how does pay-as-you-go work? Instead of paying for a monthly or annual subscription you pay when you use it. As we’ve discussed before this should be great for those who do not use it as much. It also might not be as useful for those who use the services constantly over the course of a subscription. Due to this you should look at your own needs before deciding on one course of action or another in this area.

The reason we are discussing this again is that now Online Channel Updates work with this model. So you can pay for your use and any upgrades as you need them. Due to this everything can be calculated own to the smallest additional part of the program. It allows you to create a clear view before even buying anything that you can use to better inform all of your workers.

Does pay-as-you-go really save money for people? Even with upgrades? Only if they know how much they will be using it. You could actually end up spending more if you do not have a proper grasp on your finances. But then this is true of pretty much everything in business. Fortunately the software itself can help you crunch the numbers and find out which one you need to use. It sounds like circular logic but you could literally create a table about MSD spending within the program itself.

Another important part of this change is that all the cloud options will be available online under this model. It gives executives and owners more power than ever in what they order. Get as much or as little as you like. Microsoft Dynamics will give you whatever you need when you need it. This flexible form of business is extremely popular in the modern day and we will likely see it grow further. Big groups may want to look into this as well.

Donor management software should be easier to get with this model as well. Since you pay for it when you need the upgrade or additional work you can just grab it as you need it. This means that you do not have to sit on the fence about whether to get something at all times. Just go get it and use it as you like so that you can get the best results possible.

Some of you may not need the cloud or anything beyond the base functionality. That is fine. Be sure to survey your organization though and make sure nothing is missing from your current ERP setup. Now you have ways to solve the problem quickly and easily.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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