Understanding iMIS and Microsoft Dynamics

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iMIS Australia Market ShareMany organizations do not have the vaguest understanding of what iMIS Software is or does. However there are many organizations, especially charities, which can benefit from a system such as this in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics. In this article we want to discuss what an iMIS system does and why it could prove useful to you.

iMIS Software is sometimes confused with the IMIS institute of Britain. However these are completely different entities. iMIS is not an acronym and relates specifically to the software itself. Does that sound confusing? Fortunately what it does is much less confusing. This software is specifically designed to keep track of members in organizations, collect dues and create a knowledge-base of how a group is doing. This makes such a system especially useful for charities and Greek groups, among others.

More advanced iMIS software can also integrate with other programs such as the much-loved Microsoft Dynamics. The most advanced ones can not only share information between these programs but also take money and update websites. These are just a few things of many more it can do. Put simply a system such as this can handle every part of running an organization that has membership and/or dues.

So how does such an interesting piece of software work with Microsoft Dynamics? You could actually technically run Microsoft Dynamics as a program of this type. However it’s easier to use the iMIS as a front-end that takes data in and feeds it to your other programs. With these working in concert you can make great leaps in efficiency when creating events.

The program also helps you remove simple human error. It keeps track of who has paid their dues and who hasn’t. This means that no members end up falling through the cracks. This is important because you both have to punish bad members and reward good members for their loyalty. Even charities can learn from this lesson.

Perhaps most importantly this system works as a huge database of addresses, e-mails and other important information. It can take all these and send automatic thank-you e-mails to your members for their donations or hard work. This saves quite a bit of time for your hard-worked staff.

Can traditional businesses benefit from things like this? It depends on your organization. Groups such as Toastmasters and Business Network International have significant dues and also need a way to keep track of them. They need a way to invite members to conventions and organize everyone for big awards and other noteworthy events.  By using this in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics you can create an easy and very fast system that works. This can help your groups mesh better and improve the lives of their constituent members.

We hope that you think about how software designed specifically to work with your group and Microsoft Dynamics could improve your organization. You may find that this is the perfect choice for you and will save you both time and money in the long run.





Author: Walter McDaniel

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