Understanding the Relationship Between Association Management and ERP

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Workers Discussing Association ManagementMicrosoft Dynamics CRM and Association Management (AM) are two things that work together in order to improve your business all around. If you set it up right then you can see huge growth. We are going to go over a few things to consider when choosing a setup for this.

At the core AM is about managing multiple parts of any organization. With bigger companies this is something that you automatically need to do in order to stay successful. Having improper setups for this can lead to an incredibly huge amount of confusion. At the same time you also need this in mid-size businesses that have multiple parts. They may have multiple clients or dealers that act as part of the association as well which could cause a similar situation.

So what does this have to do with ERP? ERP is great at planning out setups like this. The best systems can not only help you organize the data between each branch and also plan for when there are even more branches later on down the road. Everything about it works to facilitate a higher level of organization within your organization. In short it just makes everything easier for you when planning the entire thing.

One thing you will have to decide is whether to handle your association management software yourself or have a private company do it. There are hundreds of companies that want to handle it for you for a significant fee. You will however save more money in the long run by doing it yourself with an internal Microsoft Dynamics system. You should look at a few factors internally before you decide though. For one do you have a staff that understand how it works and know how to implement it? Do you have a system of hardware that is strong enough to handle the setup?

If it looks like you can handle it yourself then you should. Contact a Microsoft Dynamics representative and start talking about just what your company is going to have set up for it in the long run. They are usually quite willing to give you some help. Of course if you do not have the resources then you may end up better off having someone else handle it.

If you do decide to go with another company make sure that they have the power and systems to handle Microsoft Dynamics and are not just promising you things that they cannot deliver. Many companies will try to pull this card with you. They want to give you some service but not all of it.

Only you can figure out which choice is the best one for your own setting. Add up all the factors and see just how much you want your people to handle. Weigh out the short-term vs the long-term benefits of each in order to make sure everything has been balanced and works effectively for you. If you do so then you should be able to come to the best solution.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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