University of Essex Improves with Microsoft Dynamics

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Univerisity of Essex CampusThe University of Essex recently teamed up with MSD partner Touchstone CRM to deliver an entirely new system. With the massive number of changes to their installation they are ready for the many new challenges which their school could face. In a world where education is one of the most hotly competitive businesses in the world it is only natural to improve everything in this way. As such many of the biggest business programs are being used in this capacity as well.

A Student Services Hub is the biggest change. It allows students to get all the records they need and even request help from various staff members when they are having problems with certain programs. The administrators can also look over grades, discipline and some health records in order to figure out how best to help their students.

Integration of this new system was a huge issue for the school. A new network would not be of much use if they could not take advantage of the many data sources which any educational facility has. Fortunately their partner was easily able to tie all of this together into a package which gives teachers and administrators the full view of what everyone needs.

By working with an MSD partner they greatly improved the efficiency of their entire school. Since they did not have a huge amount of workers who could easily install all this in an affordable manner it was an obvious choice for them. This is something that many institutions go with so that they do not have to go with the many difficult choices that are needed when working with such a system.

Custom options for managing their unique situation were also important. Such as having custom protocols and flags for when events come up in the system. With the high level of flexibility the program has at base this was rather easy for them to handle. For those who want to use a similar system it is quite easy to manage it within your program. You just need someone with a basic level of expertise in this program.

Grant management software is also handy for the school as well. Since there are so many funding programs for students and organizations in the U.K. it was very useful for them. The funding possibilities were practically endless in this area. Any school that does not take advantage of it in this area is destined to fall behind.

It should come as no shock that this information is greatly useful for marketing as well. As to how much the University of Essex is using in that area we cannot say. However they no doubt have an incredibly huge amount of useful information now that they previously did not have in an organized manner.

As an academic institution with a storied history they also have a reputation to uphold like a few others we have talked about. Moving forward with a modern system was extremely important for them. As with so many other schools this has come up as well.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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