University of Sorocaba Emerges with a New System

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Brazilian FlagSorocaba University had long used an internal structure that was proving costly and incredibly inefficient. They were floundering and having a great many problems. Microsoft Dynamics allowed them to cut these costs and emerge as a growing power in Brazil. There are many ways that it helped the institution grow and we will be discussing those today. It’s also remarkable to see how these formerly third world areas are growing in the grand scheme of world technology so we will examine that for a bit as well.

The Sorocaba University was originally founded in 1990 making it a rather recent addition to the educational setup of the country. Of course in an emerging country like Brazil it is no less important for it. Lyceum is a learning solution that they have used to improve education all across the country. They help people learn all over companies and governmental applications. They did this by choosing the right CRM for services firms.

They had chosen a self-developed UNIX installation over some other solutions. Enrollments were decreasing unfortunately due to the fact that their platform was rather clumsy and ineffective. Their flagship product, Lyceum, was being delivered through that same system. They needed a change. They needed to reduce their overall costs by about 15 percent to remain profitable.

They ended up choosing a Microsoft SQL Server as a solution. This allowed them to start cutting down on the fees. This setup added to a lot of new additions and installations all around. There were many reasons they wanted to go with this despite the huge amount of work needed to get it done. However they still managed to get everything set up promptly.

Once everything was set up all around it really helped the whole system. They could do more than ever before. Students can now see their entire schedule, check payments and even request transcripts online. Microsoft Dynamics allows them to see everything they could possibly need in every single area. This was something that their old clunky system was missing. Competitors had it and they needed it as well.

Their faculty was very impressed with it as well. They benefited greatly from everything all around. They could see every single class that their students were enrolled with and have full contact with them. Grades can even be entered very quickly all around.

Enrollment expanded greatly around 30 percent in the following years. This allowed them to grow and compete all around. It also saved them money all around which let them cut out problems in that way as well. All of this was extremely important for the continued growth of the company in a highly competitive market where they are fighting with companies all around every part of America. After all there are many different businesses like this as well.

There are a few things to learn from this, including to not be afraid of having to change too much of your setup. You will end up with much more growth in the future if you are willing to take the overall risk. Changing is also important to help you stay completive. Both of these can really help you all around.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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